• I’ve been drawing almost daily now for about 5 years, and there’s no greater pain then watching coloured pencils disappearing into rubbish sharpeners that snap and break leads and give a blunt point. For the detail orientated work I do, I love a long sharp point and finding a sharpener that not only lasts but gives you that glorious point time after time has been a long endeavour. I’d been buying the ‘KUM Automatic Long
  • I think we’ve all been there, looking at endless brands of pencils and having a bit of a cry at some of those prices! I’ve currently got four sets of professional coloured pencils and after a while you realise you DO NOT need full sets to make gorgeous artwork (…but if you can afford to, absolutely splash out!). So, here are my must-haves from each of the following brands; Faber-Castell Polychromos, Caran d’Ache Pablo and
  • I get asked a lot about how I begin my pet portraits – the initial stage is so important because the proportions and likeness can make or break the final piece, at the end of the day, I want it to look realistic and the client wants it to be a good representation of their pet! When I first began drawing, I would spend hours and hours free handing outlines and drawing out grids and
  •   As a small business, I do my absolute best to make sure that I’m doing my bit for the environment. Having started Cherry Watson Illustration in late 2017, I spent many an hour researching ways to safely package my work,  be that originals or prints for sale or posting overseas, since then I’ve managed to upgrade and swap out plastic and avoid using materials that aren’t recyclable or reusable to suitable eco-friendly alternatives. My
  • Hey hi hello! When I first got into coloured pencils in 2016, I spent SO LONG googling this, that and the other about what pencils, paper and sharpener was best. Hours and hours trawling through so much information and questioning artists, and then many pennies buying the stuff that was recommended to have a go myself. So to help out other aspiring coloured pencil artists, I’m going to do a quick list of things I
  • I’m one of many, many small creative business owners who go to fetes and fairs, have market stalls and therefore get to interact with potential customers face to face (written before Corona became a thing). It’s really wonderful to have people come see your work in person, it’s fabulous to have some of those people go the extra mile to come tell us they love what we’ve made! …and then there are others who exclaim,
  • The most common DMs and comments I get sent on my instagram page are always-always about what supplies I’m using. The top 3 things I get asked about are; what paper, which pencils and to a lesser extent – where did I get that sharpener! So I’m going to share it all with you on this blog, telling you all about the supplies I use daily – because, as you’re here reading this, I’m sure
  • This was the topic that pushed me to start this blog, every now and again I post the “questions” button on my instagram stories allowing anyone to ask me questions about me, my work, life or anything they like really. It always leads to a few good conversations and mutual learning! A vast majority of people voted for a post on starting your own business. Now, I wouldn’t say I am well versed or an
  • Hey there! Welcome to my first blog post, I thought I’d open with a little bit of background about myself and my work so far. I’m Cherry (yes that is my real name – no, I’m not kidding!), born in the north of England and raised in the Derbyshire countryside in the misty, wet hills of Buxton and now residing in gorgeous Hertfordshire. I always loved art at school and being creative but had never
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