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how I create my prints

I get asked a lot about making prints, from preparing them to be scanned to packaging them up for sale. I’ve previously posted a blog about how I scan and edit my artwork, but here’s a quick rundown –

Firstly, once my drawings are complete, there are a few routes to create the files needed to send off to the printers. With my coloured pencil drawings I use my Epson Perfection v550 Photo scanner, its only just over A4 size so there’s a bit of photoshop wizardry involved in merging the scans together if the piece is larger than A4, but after a few you can the hang of it quick. Once scanned in at 300dpi, I edit the colours to the best of my ability and send that file off for printed proofs on 4 different papers to see which suits the image best and then I make any sizing/colour changes before settling on my final print file.

If however my drawing is exceedingly large, I can also photograph it with my Canon DSLR, and send the printers that high quality image. I also take photographs of my pastel drawings as I’m terrified of them smudging against the scanner glass.

Another option if you don’t have or don’t want the stress of scanning or photographing your work – is to send off your original piece to the printers themselves! They’ll create your print file and colour match it for you – then send your work back to you! Obviously there’s a bit more risk in this as you’re having to post work back and forth and entrust someone to be careful with your piece but as the professionals are doing it, your prints are probably going to be more accurate to the original.

Oooft, so, how do I order the actual prints? I use dStudio, they’ve been by far the best print shop for me, and I tried MANY when I was first researching places and getting samples. They have a super easy to navigate website, you load up your files and input what size and how many you want!

Once submitted, they print your order, send over an invoice and boom – easy peasy!

Once I have my print order in hand, I’ll sign them if they need signing and pop them into a biodegradable clear sleeve with an acid-free backing board of the same size, seal it up and its ready to go!

I don’t offer mounts for a few reasons – I use different papers which are all slightly different shades of white so I’d have to stock and store matching mounts for each, as well as multiple sizes, I’d also have to post them out in larger parcels which would add to the cost of the print itself. I advise buyers to take the artwork to be professionally framed, that way the piece is guaranteed to look its best.

I highly recommend dStudio, I’ve been using them ever since I started my print collection and I’ve never had bad service or any negative experience and the prints are always absolutely top quality and beautiful!

Cherry xo