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As a small business, I do my absolute best to make sure that I’m doing my bit for the environment.

Having started Cherry Watson Illustration in late 2017, I spent many an hour researching ways to safely package my work, 

be that originals or prints for sale or posting overseas, since then I’ve managed to upgrade and swap out plastic and avoid using materials that aren’t recyclable or reusable to suitable eco-friendly alternatives.

My artwork is sent with an acid free backing board, which makes for easy framing but could be reused/recycled. I used to send all my work in sealed plastic sleeves for protection but have since upgraded to biodegradable sleeves that can be thrown in with your compost! To protect my drawing from moving around in the box, I use sheets of cardboard either side and sometimes pack the box with tissue paper that can be reused to wrap gifts or be recycled.

I use paper stickers for all my branding on prints and packaging which are recyclable, but I’ve also invested in stamps and water-based ink which reduces my use of paper stickers and is better not just environmentally but economically!

Currently I send my portraits in cardboard postal boxes, which can be used as a gift or presentation box when gifting my artwork or reused for whatever purpose and ultimately recycled.

I also do my best whilst working in the studio, I have a paper/cardboard recycling box and also keep any boxes I receive of art supplies/online orders to cut up and reuse to package my own website orders! 

I’ll continue to do my best, research alternative eco-friendly options for everything I do and always aim to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Cherry xo