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what is a “giclée” print?

One of the most frequent questions I get is what on earth is a “giclée” print, closely followed by how on earth do you say it!?

So, it’s pronounced ‘zhee-clay’ which originates from the French word ‘gicler’, which means “squirt/spurt/spray”, referencing how the ink is sprayed onto the paper to produce prints.

Giclée printing uses a wider range of coloured inks which means there is a much broader colour range available to more accurately reproduce the colours in original artworks.

Giclée printing uses lightfast, archival pigment inks which are sprayed onto archival, acid-free paper. The result of which is long-lasting prints where the colours won’t fade and the paper won’t yellow for at least 80-100 years!

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…why is it so ‘expensive’?!

Let’s talk money! It’s an awkward and uncomfortable topic for many, and one I have to discuss often with potential clients so let’s just get stuck in! 

I’m one of many, many small creative business’ who go to fetes and fairs, have market stalls and therefore get to interact with potential customers face to face, and it’s after one of these days where I’m writing this post . It is really wonderful to have people come and see your work in person and it’s fabulous to have some of those people tell us they love our work, then there are others…

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hi! I’m Cherry.

Hey there! Welcome to my first blog post, I thought I’d open with a little bit of background about myself and my work so far.

I’m Cherry (yes that is my real name – no, I’m not kidding!), born in the north of England and raised in the Derbyshire countryside in the misty, wet hills of Buxton and now residing in gorgeous Hertfordshire.

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